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Cosmic Energy Crystal Water Healing


Latest addition to our healing modalities ---


"Cosmic Energy Crystal Water Therapy". 




It is painless, drugless, detoxifying, immune system booster, an all round health enhancer, to relieve all   aches & pain, skin disorders, poor blood circulation, blood clots, heart diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, low energy levels, and more.


"AAp to dava bhi, our duva bhi hai,...You are an Angel sent by God to help us",...  this is what my patients or clients say about me and my services. Psoriasis cases are healing within 3 days, pain disappears very fast, diabetes comes under control, asthma patients feel more relaxed and energetic, insomnia patients start getting deep and nourishing sleep, migraines disappear, diabetes comes under control, and much more...


We have the knowledge, expertise of the east and the west, from China, Malaysia, India, USA... people from all walks of like, from all over the world avail of my services. You will be handled with utmost love and personal care.

For speedy and efficient results, please follow our instructions to the dot, and you will not only get addicted to our services, but will also spread it to all your friends and relatives.   

Simply call us on 98201-95764, Mumbai and come for a consultation.  We shall decide your healing package, once your case is analyzed. 


Healing packages include all or any combination of the following....

  • Crystal Water Healing
  • Cosmic Energy Healing
  • Soul Healing
  • Aroma Healing 
  • FIR Heat Therapy
  • Bio-Energy, Bio-feedback Therapies
  • Acupressure/Reflexology
  • Diet Therapy
  • Meditations
  • Chakra Balancing



      Chakra Balancing                          Meditations & Diet Therapy                            Past Life Healing






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