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Quotes I was suffering from Malaria and Dengue fever and was hospitalized. My girlfriend Parizad, approached her mother, Freida Edwards to help me long distance through Bio-Energetic system, as it was a question of life and death, if the fever would not have come down immediately. To the amazement of all of us, including the doctors, the fever went down within 24 hours along with the hospital medicines. The Bio-Energy healing expedited my body's natural healing process and hence the effect of the medicines was faster, to get me out of danger. According to Ms Freida Edwards energetic medicine can complement traditional medicine; by correcting problems in the informational field, it can help speed up the healing process. While energetic medicine is non-invasive, it can work hand in hand with modern medicine to redirect the body?s informational field into a healing matrix. I am really grateful for this Bio-Energy healing, which was a life saver & I recommend it to all. Quotes
Neil Pimento
Flight Attendant - Jet Air

Quotes I am a young working executive from Dubai, & I wanted answers to my problem of - 'Not being able to let go'. With one single session of PAST LIFE HEALING, (long distance) I got an answer to my problem, and now I am able to cope up with life in a better manner. Quotes
Ganesh P.
Dubai, UAE

Quotes I am an Education Counselor, who was facing relationship problems at home, especially with my mother. I did a Past Life Healing & got an insight to my strained relationship through one single session. I was very happy that within one week, the life time strained relationship with my mother is now much much better. I can relate with her with a better understanding. Thank you Freida Edwards. Quotes
Hari Bhatia
7 Bunglows, Andheri, Mumbai.

Quotes One day I suddenly contracted stiff neck, and was unable to report to work. Since I could not take a last minute sick leave, I took bio-energy healing sessions through my mother, Ms Freida Edwards. Within a few hours of non-stop therapy, I reported to work, with bearable pain, and managed to fly the same day. Quotes
Parizad Udwadia
Cabin Crew - Kingfisher Airlines

Quotes A female patient was bed ridden with acute low back stiffness and pain, caused by chronic muscular spasms. She was not willing to be hospitalized, so she took long distance sessions with us thru our Bio System, and within 24 hours, she could walk to the toilet on her own. A few more sessions, gave her complete relief from the acute pain. Now she is undergoing therapy for her 40yrs old back pain, along with mental emotional & past lives issues. Quotes
Freida Edwards - Bio-Energy Healer
Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Quotes Abscess from my gums was cured within 2 sessions, by Freida's Bio-Energy Healing System. I did not take the antibiotics which the dentist had prescribed me and yet I was relieved from this problem, that too with long distance healing sessions. The bio-system is really great! Quotes
Priya S.
Andheri, Mumbai

Quotes Acute ANGINA TYPE chest pain, was relieved within 24 hrs without any medications. This happened on a Sunday, my family doctor's clinic was closed and I was not willing to get admitted to any hospital. So I approached Freida Edwards and took long distance Bio-Energy healing for many hours and the next day the pain had vanished. Isn't this Bio-system really is wonderful! All cardiac patients should take healing sessions from Ms Edwards, and I would even suggest all Cardiologists to refer their patients to her, to avoid major heart problems. Quotes
Mukesh K.
Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Quotes A young girl suffered from conjunctivities, and was worried about missing out on a working day. With the help of The Bio System, she was healed overnight and could resume duty the next day.? - Quotes
Freida Edwards - Bio-Energy Healer
Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Quotes I got detected with cancer in my digestive system, at the energetic levels, thru The HEAL YOUR LIFE Bio-Feedback System, and healed myself out of this dangerous disease. With the traditional system of detection, I would have to suffer first, and then get a positive test result, but the Bio-Feedback system saved me from that agony. It also helped me with bleeding piles and my energy levels. Layers and layers of diseases, toxins and infections are being cleared from my system, as I use the Bio System regularly. Quotes
Freida Edwards - Bio-Energy Healer
Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Quotes A patient suffering from COPD and acute Neuralgia, with throbbing nerve pain every 3 minutes, experienced relief during the first session with a comforting feeling of hope, from this distressing pain. He had tried several therapies and medications, but never experienced pain relief in such a short period. Quotes
Freida Edwards - Bio-Energy Healer
Lokhandwala, Mumbai