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Freida Edwards 


Welcome to HEAL YOUR LIFE –Wellness Centre, initiated by Freida Edwards, Wellness Counselor, Bio-Energy Healer & EFT Specialist at Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai. Our director is passionate about alleviating the sufferings of mankind with her loving and friendly attitude and with the aid of her latest, hi-tech Quantum Bio-Energetic, Bio-Feedback system from USA.


Freida Edwards, the director of this centre, is an internationally renowned trainer having more than twenty years of  experience, most of which has been overseas, in the Service Industry . She has more than ten years of training experience, and has been trained by Zeal International Training Foundation (using the principles of Andrew & Dale Carnegie, International Self Development Authors) and Trinity College of London for Speech & Drama.


She has worked as a General Manager –Training, for an International Call Center, Sales & Marketing Manager with a Five Star Hotel, Electronics Pages Directory, & Millionaire Publication, Advertising & Client Services Manager, Professional Speaker, Consultant Trainer for International Call Centers &  Corporates , Master of Ceremonies, Theatre & TV Artist, and Voice-over/ Dubbing artist, etc.


It was her dream, an inner voice which prompted her to contribute to the society & the world at large in the field of Health, Wellness & Spirituality,…in short Lifestyle Development..  After putting in a lot of her time and money on research & development, lessons learnt out of personal sufferings, which seasoned her towards a well balanced & success oriented life, and the spiritual practice of raja yoga meditation for 15 years, under Shri Ram Chandra Mission,…..she is now geared to helping mankind alleviate their personal & professional life challenges and streamline it into individual and corporate SUCCESS STORIES.  She has added value to the lives of all her clients guided them on the path of self development and inner awakening through the balancing of mind, body and soul.

Freida Edwards, who is a lover of mankind,  has also studied Naturopathy, Reiki, Detoxification, EFT (USA/Australia), Soul Healing, Bio-Feedback & other alternative therapies, ….is now a Wellness Counselor, Healer and Trainer, an Energy Therapist, Bio-feedback Practitioner and a Spiritual Coach, practicing & conducting training workshops on…


•                 EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)- a form of Psychological Acupressure

•                 Creative Visualization, Meditations and Chakra Balancing Techniques

•                 Emotion & Stress Management

•                 Inner and Outer Balance

•                 Art of Positive Thinking & Peak Performance 

·                 Personality Development & Confidence Building

•                 Public Speaking, Voice & Accent, Effective Communication Skills

•                 Effective Interpersonal Skills/ Human Relation Skills

•                 Leadership, Coaching & Counseling for Managers and Supervisors

•                 Pranayams/Breathing Techniques & SKY Yoga

•                 Importance of Liver Detoxification

•                 Juice Fasting, How, Why, When?

•                 De-addiction Programs for smoking, alcohol and chocolates

•                 Detoxification programs for mind, body & soul

•                 The Art Of Holistic Self-Healing Holiday Camps



The HEAL YOUR LIFE Bio-Energetic System is now being extensively used by her, for individual as well as corporate clients for stress management, preventive health care, personality enhancement and reducing chronic   health challenges.  Long Distance  Stress Management Healings are her specialty.  It saves the her clients’ time from their busy working schedule, and yet gives them energetic healing frequencies for their soul, mind and body.                                                                                                                                            






The new field of energetic medicine is a sophisticated, intelligent way of viewing health and correcting health disturbances based on quantum physics.

A glitch in programming

In the field of energetic medicine, any disease or poor health syndrome, can be redefined as a disruption or distortion arising in the informational energy field. 


     In simple terms, a health problem is a glitch in the programming of one’s informational field. Healing can be accomplished by correcting these disturbances, which can then eliminate the disharmony and the chaotic patterning of the health problem, and restore natural health. Energetic medicine, by correcting the information fields of the body, enables the body to heal  itself, naturally.


According to energetic medicine, the body’s health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level. These information fields are an active, creative force, intimately involved in the form and manifestation of one’s state of health. When we examine the body’s health through the viewpoint of the energetic body, we are able to assess the correct informational fields which produce good health. And we can also detect disturbed informational fields which produce diseases or health imbalances.

Besides addressing health problems, energetic medicine can also be used for the prevention of health problems by detecting problems in the energetic field before they materialize physically. It can also address the area of optimum health, of interest to many regarding issues of athletics, longevity, and quality of life.

This new field, known as energetic medicine, is also referred to as vibrational medicine. In Europe, where this field is much more advanced, it is also known as regulative medicine and virtual medicine. In actuality, energetic medicine is not “medicine” at all and has no correlation to traditional, alopathic medicine, which is based on Newtonian science, and addresses the biochemistry of the human body.

Traditional medicine is based on biochemistry. Energetic medicine is based on biophysics. They are two totally different fields. However, energetic medicine can complement traditional medicine; by correcting problems in the informational field, it can help speed up the healing process. While energetic medicine is non-invasive, it can work hand in hand with modern medicine to redirect the body’s informational field into a healing matrix.


          Do you know that STRESS is a No. 1 KILLER of today's generation!     


If Stress is not handled, symptoms appear, leading to chronic or even fatalistic health problems.



The latest cutting edge technology brought to you by HEAL YOUR LIFE – Wellness Centre, located at  Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

Imagine a device that interfaces with your body, directly or thru your photograph, at biological speeds tracking and monitoring your reaction & stress to thousands of substances in a matter of minutes. After scanning your body, we can then determine your imbalances at physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even past lives levels, and provide corrective feedback to establish harmony and balance within the body and mind. 


What can Bio-Energetic Stress Relief Program do to help me with stress?

We have a high tech Bio-Energetic Healing device,  that scans your body and detects  the stresses in your system. They read the physical stresses, the mental, emotional and the environmental stresses. We can also evaluate possible stressors like,…food sensitivities, nutrition, vitamin and hormonal deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, mental and emotional states, spinal energy flow, circulatory, respiratory, digestive disorders, vaccine damage, etc.

 When your stressors are identified, we can de-stress those areas, one by one, specifically for you. This prevents you from contracting diseases and ill-health, keeps you relaxed, positive, and energetic.

How does the HEAL YOUR  LIFE Bio-feedback system work?       

Our Bio-feedback system measures over 7000 stressors in the body using individual frequencies to relax and de-stress our clients.  Through quantum biofeedback we are able to rebalance your body and mind to let go of the stresses and traumas they hold onto. Stress response is a habit… and most people cannot break the stress bonds they have set up within themselves. We help to break the stress habit… by using the BIO LIFE information that gently enters in new messages of stress relief… through the client’s subconscious. Our HEAL YOUR LIFE Bio-feedback system improves the body’s ability to self-regulate and to begin to heal itself.





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