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RELAX,  DE-STRESS AND RE-BALANCE YOURSELF WITH OUR  LATEST               New Age Quantum Bio-Energetics From U.S.A.                        

Does Physical, Mental, Emotional,Relationship or Financial Stress Bother You?


Welcome to the latest in bio-information stress management technology. Energetic healthcare is the wave of the future, and the future is here

HEAL YOUR LIFE –Wellness Centre introduces the most advanced non-invasive health screening services.  We welcome you to this new age technology, the age where modern science meets ancient scriptures...

Have you noticed the technological advancement in today's society?  From cordless telephones, remote control TVs to wireless technolog we are living in the information age. We are using computers for almost everything today....except for probably the most important aspect of our lives - our health!

Is optimum health your priority?

Imagine if you were told that a computer could scan and evaluate your body, mind and emotions with the help of your photograph, and correct any stressors that you may have developed over the years from excess stress in your life.

Sounds like Star Trek? Welcome to the new era of Preventive Healthcare!

Do you know that STRESS, a No. 1 KILLER of today’s generation! According to research stress accounts for at least 90% of all illness! We are all coping with multiple stress in our complex world.

Stressors in the body can be manifested through common ailments like digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and obesity. Did you know that skin  conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis can also be caused by excessive stressors in the body?

Did you know that degenerative disorders like cancer are a result of prolonged stressors in the body? As the body begins to adapt to these stressors degenerative disorders begin to occur.

Imagine your practitioner looking at your blueprint to to prevent those possible stressorsbefore they actually begin? Once Identified, our Bio-Feedback Practitioner can show you the path to better health care. 


·         If you have any type of tension, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, fear,…

·         If you have any school, college, studies, exams or work related stress,…

·         If you are unable to focus on your work, and not achieving  results

·         If any type of relationship problems are bothering you,…

·         If you are worried about your health or financial problems,…

·         If you are suffering from frequent cough, colds, headaches, joint pains, etc,…

Or if you are suffering from any other types of physical health problems, like…

  • Tiredness, Lack of Energy
  • Acne, Psoriasis
  • Allergies/Food Sensitivities
  • Degenerative Imbalances
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Weight Gain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Muscular or Joint Pains
  • Bloating, Belching Indigestion
  • Hyper Acidity
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Hypertension/Cardiovascular problems
  • Mood Swings /Hot Flushes


You do NOT have to worry any more!! 


HEAL YOUR LIFE  introduces for the first time in India… the Star Trek Quantum Bio-Feedback Healing System from USA

  • it is the latest cutting edge Stress Management and Performance Enhancement technology a very highly sophisticated Bio-Energy equipment
  • which not only scans, thousands of parameters of your whole body including the sub – conscious mind and emotions, of the current and past lives within  minutes
  • but also detoxifies, & heals  with different bio-energy therapies, the body, mind and emotions
  • you do not have to run around for multiple reports and therapies. It’s all done under one roof!



We help you detect all your stressors much before the symptoms crop up.  The symptoms represent only 20% of your problems, just like the tip of the iceberg.  The rest is all buried inside ready to sprout up anytime, and surprise you even with a life threatening illness like a stroke, heart attack, or cancer!                                                                            

Come to us,…  our latest hi-tech American Technologies will HELP YOU scan your body, mind  and emotions  not only for this PRESENT LIFE’S  stress related problems, but also with your PAST LIVES, and help you HEAL at the conscious and sub-conscious levels!!!


 The Process is Fast, Effective & Gives Accurate Results

Our Quantum Bio-Energy therapies are drugless, safe and  non invasive.


You  will be educated by our highly skilled US educated and spiritually inclined Healer, Bio-tech & EFT practitioner Ms Freida Edwards about  your problems, and receive the following,…

·         Detoxification and bio-healing energy frequencies to bring a balance to your system,

·         Guidance and personal counseling to get you through all your problems

·         Visualizations, guided meditations, positive reinforcement affirmations

·         Dietary & detoxification program, behavioral, attitude & lifestyle changes.


Now you won’t have to search any further for your EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, RELATIONSHIP AND STRESS RELATED PROBLEMS!   With our American state-of-the-art programs, we are now able to tap into your personal energy field and send harmonizing frequencies.  The more you know about yourself, the better  you can make health decisions!

MOVE FROM HIGHLY  STRESSED TO VERY POSITIVE IN 60 MINUTES.                                       




Enjoy Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being!                                                                                  

Enhance your health, study, work & sports performance.


 We offer both regular and long distance sessions for the convenience of our customers. 


Contracts are  welcome for Scanning, Healing & Counseling, from...

Educational Institutes, SPAS & Fitness Centres, Airlines, Hotels, Private or Government Organizations,  NGOs,  BPOs, Banks and Corporate Offices.


For further information or session bookings please call +91-98201-95764 



Soul Healing & Transformation - Additional Service

“Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.”

For individual or FREE group Soul Healing sessions, please contact Freida Edwards on 98201-95764

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